HOT vitacost deal! GREAT deal on shipping!

Today Vitacost is offering shipping of just $2.22 Go Here and join vitacost and receive a $10 voucher to use!  Here are some good “deals” at the site:

These are just some ideas- you can use your free $10 on anything on the site, and don’t forget that you can also add 2 FREE samples to your order!!

  • Earth Friendly Ultra Ecos® Free and Clear Laundry Detergent- Using your $10 off coupon code you will pay just $3.34 TOTAL shipped!

“Organic Baby Formula”. It is on sale for $10.74

After $10 coupon your total out of pocket for this ends up being just $2.96 – shipped!

Twinings Green Tea K-Cups on sale for $12.75

Minus $10 coupon code  = $4.97 shipped!!

“Zand Echinacea Zinc HerbaLozenge Natural Cherry”.  get 9 of them- use  $10 coupon code.  Final price just $3.11 – shipped.

HappyBellies on sale for $3.81 each. Buy 3 use $10 coupon code- final price $3.65 SHIPPED = $1.22 per can!

Burt’s Bees Head To Toe Kit on sale for $10.21. use $10 coupon code final cost is just $2.43 – shipped!

Seventh Generation Diapers are $13.15 per pack- use $10 coupon code- final cost is just $5.37 shipped!

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