Writing Companies RESPONSES! (Day 1 thru Day 10)

Here are the responses I have received thus far from our write a company posts!!!!!  These are all my own personal results- individual results will vary based upon what you say and who reads it 😀  I will continue updating as responses continue to come in!

DAY 1:

Ball Park Franks:  (1) $1 off any Sara Lee, Ball Park, Hillshire farm or Jimmy Dean item

V-8 Splash: email response states coupons in the mail- will update when they come

EarthBound Farms: Email from company with (1) $5 off any product and (1) $1 off any product (prints twice each)

Day 2:

Gortons: email response but no mail reply yet

Edge Shave Gel: (3) free product coupons

Aunt Jemima: (2) $3/1 product

Day 3:

Maruchan Ramen Noodles:  (3) free package coupons; (1) $.50 off 8 yakisoba products; (1) $.50 off 24 ramen products;  (1) $.50 off 12 instant lunch products

Vanish Toilet bowl drop ins: (1) free product coupon up to $1.50 value

Kraft:  Email response stating no coupons at this time

Day 4:

Philly Swirl: No response yet

Almay Makeup: (2) $1 off 1 almay product

Mr Clean Magic Eraser: No Response yet

Day 5:

Skinny Cow: (2) $.75 off 1 package coupons

Smart Ones: (2) free product coupons and (2) $.75 off 1 package coupons

Heinz Ketchup: No Response yet

Day 6:

All: Email stating I was added to their company mailing list

Degree: Nice Unilever product coupon booklet 1 coupon of each: $60/1 I can’t believe its not butter; $1/2 Lipton items; $1/2 Tresemme items; $1/1 axe shower gel; $1/1 dove Beauty Bar or bodywash; $.50/1 suave Hair care; $1/2 Breyers; $1/2 Hellmans items; $1/2 ragu; $1/1 degree; $.50/2 qtips; and $1/1 vaseline!!!!!

Toufutti: (2) free products; (2) $1 off one product; (2) $.55 off 1 products

Day 7:

Zatarains: (2) $.50 off 2 packages of rice

Progresso Soup: Email response waiting for mail

Beechnut: (1) free stage four product coupon

Day 8:

Arizona: Email response waiting for mail

Yoplait: Email stating they have no coupons to offer at this time

Hawaiian Tropic: No response yet

Day 9:

Entemanns: No response yet

Driscolls Berries: $1 off 1 package

Dannon Yogurt: reply stating no coupons at this time

Day 10:

Sweet Baby Rays: no reply yet

Cape Cod Chips: email received- waiting for mail 🙂

Country Bob’s Sauces: no reply yet

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